Miniature Monolithic Rectilinear Ion Trap Arrays byStereolithography on Printed Circuit Board

Jeffrey Daniel Maas, Paul Isaac Hendricks, Zheng Ouyang, R. Graham Cooks, William Johnson Chappell
IEEE Xplore
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This paper reports the creation and characterization of monolithic arrays of miniature rectilinear ion traps (RIT) with common electronic packaging materials. Miniature ion traps benefit from a lower operating voltage as their dimensions decrease. Their integration into circuit board materials facilitates smaller and more integrated sensor systems. Arrays of ion traps provide a larger ion trap storage volume to increase sensitivity lost from size reduction. A new technique, integrating stereo lithography produced ion traps on  planar rigid substrates, makes possible the 3-D isolation techniques for more complex monolithic structures. A description of the fabrication process is included. Performance-limiting metrics of the mass analyzer, such as geometrical and electrical deviations, are analyzed to determine their magnitudes for design improvement. The integration of the array with the PCB replaces complex wiring schemes with traces routed within existing multilayer substrates. The substrate can serve as the integration platform for an entire mass spectrometer in a package.


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