3D Printed Electrodes for Ambient Ion Manipulation

Ion Focusing and Transport in Air with an Ellipsoidal Electrode

Other topics:

Reversed geometry “MIKES” instrument 
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Miniature mass spectrometers 
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Hybrid mass spectrometers    
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Ion trap for MS/MS 
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Surface induced dissociation (QQ) instrument

Bioreactor monitoring instrumentation  
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Ion surface scattering spectrometer (BEEQ) for collision dynamics

High and low energy collision instrumentation     
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ITSIM program for simulating ion behavior in ion traps –  widely distributed  
R. K. Julian, M. Nappi, C. Weil and R.G. Cooks, "Multi-Particle Simulation in the Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer: Resonant and DC Pulse Excitation", J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 6 (1995) 57, doi: 10.1016/1044-0305(94)00087-G