Ambient Ionizaton Methods

Objective: Develop new methods for ionization of a variety of different molecules, from small to big under ambient conditions.

  • Electro-Sonic Spray Ionization (ESSI)
  • Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI)
  • Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (DAPCI)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Thermo Desorption Ionization (APTDI)
  • Low Temperature Plasma Ionization (LTP)
  • Paper Spray Ionization (PS)


Advantages of Ambient Ionization
  • No Sample preparation required
  • Rapid, direct analysis of wide range of compounds
  • High throughput analysis


Mass Spectrometry in the Ambient Environment

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  • MALDESI: Muddiman, JASMS, 2006, 17, 1712
  • EDI: Hiraoka et al, JMS, 2006, 41, 894
  • AP-MALDI: Dororshenko et al, IJMS, 2002
  • DART: Cody et al, Anal. Chem, 2005, 77, 2297


DESI analysis on skin for drug monitoring



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