LTP (Low Temperature Plasma) desorption/ionization

  • Direct sampling and fast analysis
  • Widely applicable: chemicals from breath, skin, body fluids ….
  • Low temperature and no damage to sample
  • Flexible: function with He, Ar, N2 and air 
  • Molecular information from positive and negative ions
  • Sampling of large area
  • Low consumption of power and gas, highly compatible with miniature MS


Direct Analysis of Bulk Liquid

Direct Analysis of Diflucan tablet

Direct Analysis with Complex Matrices

  • Stomach contents of deceased Canine believed to be poisoned from pesticide ingestion.
  • Stomach contents placed on glass slide 
  • Discharge Gas: Nitrogen 
  • PesticideTerbufos Detected

  • Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco: a small pinch placed on a glass slide
  • Discharge Gas: He
  • Inset MS2 Data