Simulations of DESI and Ambient Ionization Methods

Volume-of-Fluid (VOF) Diffuse Interface Capturing Methodology + Continuum Surface Force (CSF) Model Under Finite Volume Discretization Describes Single Droplet-Thin Film Collision Event Under DESI Conditions

Large droplets ejected late at high takeoff angle. Large settling time resists environmental relaxation within nebulizing gas motion at surface.



Spray of droplets from DESI source including hydrodynamics from nebulizing gas, leading to size discrimination of droplets in space.

Collision animations of 3 micron droplet with 1 micron thin film at varying velocities (50, 100, 150 m/s).

Time-resolved 3d droplet-thin film collision simulations. 55 and 90 degree incident angles.


Detailed view of 0.4 and 0.8 microsecond time points in simulation. Glyphs attached to phase boundary. Natural size discrimination during momentum transfer at 55 degree incident angle.