Ion Motion Control-Experiments and Simulations

Goals and Motivation

Demonstrate the control of ion axial motion in the Orbitrap mass analyzer

  • understand fundamental ion motion
  • probe ion packet dynamics
  • effect ion activation and tandem MS
  • improve performance

Demonstrate and evaluate the new version of  Ion Trajectory SIMulation program (ITSIM 6.0) for ion motion control experiments in the Orbitrap.



  • prototype orbitrap instrument
  • apply AC on outer electrodes to drive (excite or de-excite) ion axial motion
  • generate 2D model of electrodes in AutoCAD, solve with COMSOL (FEMLAB)
  • Import electric field information into ITSIM, run trajectories
  • Experiments demonstrate ability to control ion axial motion
  • Simulations satisfactorily reproduce phenomena reported to date