Bacterial Analysis by Ambient Ionization Techniques

Method(s) of Analysis:

  • Desorption Electrospray Ionization (DESI) – optimal for condensed phase samples
  • Extractive Electrospray Ionization (EESI) - optimal for solution phase samples

Both offer:

  • Rapid Analysis (High Throughput)
  • Minimal Sample Preparation
  • Sensitive
  • Reproducible


Key Findings:

Monitoring of Central Carbon E. coli Metabolites by DESI and EESI

  • Targeted  analysis of central carbon metabolites using MS/MS
  • Identification of 13C labeled metabolites
  • Ambient chemical reactions to enhance  selectivity
  • Potential to explore in-situ targeted metabolomics

Analysis of Fresh Intact Bacteria

  • Highly reproducible spectra achieved
  • PCA allows subspecies differentiation
  • Able to distinguish ~20 strains

Analysis of Bacterial Biofilms

  • Rapid analysis of live organisms from intact biofilms
  • PCA allows subspecies differentiation
  • Lipid profiles in both positive and negative ion modes identified



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