Point-of-Care Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Rapid Quantification of Illicit Drugs in Blood

Medical Swab Touch-Spray Mass Spectrometry

Biogenic Aldehyde Determination by Reactive Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry

Single! Oocyte and Embryo Analysis by DESI-MS

Mass Spectrometry in the Home and Garden

Analyzing Potentially Carcinogenic Byproduct

Lipid Signatures in Mouse Early Embryonic Development

Single Oocyte and Single Embryo Lipid Analysis

Improved Spatial Resolution for DESI-MS Imaging

DESI-MS for Lipid Characterization and Biological Tissue Imaging - Review

Combination of DESI and MALDI MS Imaging for Mapping Lipid and Protein Distribution

Nondestructive, Histologically Compatible DESI-MS Imaging

Nutrition Impact on Oocyte Lipid Profile

DESI-MS Reveals Lipid Metabolism of Individual Oocytes and Embryos

Bacteria Analysis by Swab Touch Spray - Mass Spectrometry

Molecular Diagnosis of Human Brain Tumors

DESI-MS Imaging in Natural Products Research

Other topics:

Drug metabolites in untreated animal tissue 
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Chemical fingerprints
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Rapid non-contact detection of trace explosives
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Chiral quantitative analysis by mass spectrometry
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